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The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) aims to be a world-leading institutional grade token sale platform and cryptocurrency exchange.

The network they’re aiming to build will ‘satisfy real-world regulations’, ‘provide an ongoing due dilligence process’ and ‘fuse smart contracts with A.I.’. CYNOPSIS SOLUTIONS Traceto is powered by Cynopsis Solutions, which was established in 2014. Cynopsis Solutions’ main work revolves around anti-money laundering (AML) and counter terrorism financing. The post FIC Network (ICO): Fixed Income on the Blockchain […] Please specify an ID for the Contact Form in Theme Options > Single Post/Video > Video Report Form In addition, the company is working with ICO projects that will contribute its growth even without the release of the product. Hard cap: 750,000,000 FDZ The new digital marketing platform on the blockchain, Friendz, connects brands with their target audience through word of mouth on social media.

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Traceto has several advisors working with the ICO.

If they focus on marketing I believe Traceto has a good chance of hitting their hard cap and being a successful ICO. Traceto’s CMO and co-founder is Dan Poh. With regulatory compliance standards becoming more stringent for cryptocurrency firms, Cynopsis believes the already sizeable market for KYC services in the sector is set to grow exponentially in the short-term. Traceto’s mission is to tackle these current problems. Most of the projects have strong partnerships with ICO projects, so here it is not right to outline Traceto’s advantages. Hardcap is 30M USD that is likely to be high enough for Traceto functions to develop.

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Proceed to our official site: The token sale will start with a three-day early access sale, giving those who contribute a minimum of $1,000 a 5 percent discount.

So it’s really hard to say what directions tokens like Traceto will move. The peer-to-peer payment network believes that cryptocurrency is ‘the future of money’, but that the rapidly changing currencies prevents people from using it in day-to-day life. Personally I’m not investing in Traceto. Token sales brought to market by qualified Sponsors before approval by GBX. As competition is not tough and KYC demand is growing Traceto solution is likely to have its client. Traceto can create a self-governing and a secure KYC system for every user.

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Having competition analysis Traceto does not states its detailed market entry strategy.

The second positive of Traceto is the utility of it’s token. As the network gains users and adoption, the circulating supply will diminish as the demand grows – basic economics, supply/demand. The team is strong and has experience in conducting KYC/AML, as Traceto is additional unit to the current business. T2T token is Utility and is a currency for purchasing KYC services and is a reward for Verificators, who help in verification process. Weaknesses and Threats So many ICO projects are targeting the identity authentication and KYC market. Interesting observation about TraceTo: when we wanted to participate, it was very difficult, and now when everything red, they start offering pools.

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The team is described as representing over five decades of experience and expertise in compliance and Regtech.

With a longstanding experience in both RegTech and compliance, is powered by RegTech company Cynopsis Solutions Pte. In addition, Traceto will include Know-Your-Supplier and Know-Your-Employer spreading their client base. estimates that there will be a ‘projected high demand’ for the network. Traceto needs to focus on how their product is different from their rivals and why they should invest in them. THIS BRINGS ABOUT TRACETO AND AI. I think the main thing Traceto has to do is get their marketing on point.

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CEO has 10 years’ experience in finance and simultaneously is a director in another company providing compliance services.

That being said lets take a closer look at Traceto shall we? Starting up in 2016, Friendz offers a variety of digital advertising services, including brand awareness, product placement campaigns, sharing content activities and market research. The Crypto Harbour Token Sale Platform and So Traceto basically wants to create a decentralized identity verification system streamlining KYC procedures. 300,000,000 T2T (30%) FIC Network is an institutionally-focused blockchain-based platform that will enable users to list, buy, and sell any type of crypto- or fiat-denominated fixed income financial instrument. Our founding team and advisors have over 5 decades of Compliance and RegTech experience. “Giving ownership, management and control of the KYC process back to the people.” TOKEN USE CASE