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POH is used in verifying order and passage of time between events, with the objective of encoding the trustless passage of time into a ledger.

Please see the whitepaper to understand how Solana will deal with last minute vote switching and secondary fall back elections. Solana will select Consistency over Availability due to PoH serving as an objective measure of time. Instead, the Leader generates a wait time in which all eligible validators must wait that amount of time. Not only is Solana utilizing its PoH algorithm, but also proposing two additional time-based algorithms. Solana is building a high-performance blockchain with massive throughput capabilities, through integrating various consensus mechanisms in its blockchain architecture.

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  • June – Testnet 2.0 and public demo
  • September – Public testnet
  • Q4 2018 – Mainnet launch
  • Q1 2019 – Token Generation Event (TGE)

Solana will feature smart contracts.

Since the technology Solana is working on doesn’t have apparent dependencies, the development of the code is primarily dependent on the development’s team progress. [Short general description]: Solana is a new architecture for a high performance blockchain. The combination of PoRep and PoH provides a defense against forgery of the ledger with respect to time (ordering) and storage. The difference in time for a network to regain liveness allows us as customers of the network human timeframes to pick a partition that we want to continue using. Solana’s PoH is a Verifiable Delay Function.

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Solana is well on its way to achieving that goal, after recently achieving a throughput of 250,000 tps on its testnet, with a peak efficiency surpassing 400,000 tps.

With a strong team and dedicated codebase development, we would definitely be looking forward to Solana’s developments and public announcement of its token sale. In the event of a tie, the largest Solana node with tokens staked (highest voting power) will be chosen to select a new PoH generator. There are 9 contributors that are actively developing Solana’s codebase, and more than 700 commits. The purpose of PoH is used to encode the trustless passage of time into a ledger. PoH is used to encode trustless passage of time into a ledger - an append only data structure.

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Solana features an impressive team of experienced, technical individuals. Today we are looking at Solana. Greg is the principal architect of Solana. Like other Proof-of-Stake systems, Solana runs the risk of major token holder collusion. Solana’s PoH algorithm is configurable to allow for Horizontal Scaling.

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Solana proposes a blockchain architecture based on its consensus algorithm named “Proof of History (PoH)”.

Those who are interested in the private sale stage can directly communicate with the Solana team. Solana’s blockchain allows for horizontal scaling, translating to a higher transaction throughput. Anatoly is the creator of Solana. The fast time frame also serves as a deterrent to malicious nodes intercepting and spying on what other nodes are validating. Ultimately, Solana is a Proof-of-Stake based network.

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This section will be longer than the rest because we view it as one of the most critical differentiators for Solana.

With more than 5,000 additions and deletions the previous week, Solana’s progress is moving at a fast pace. Each node participating in the election puts up an amount of collateral with Solana token(s) in an escrow account, this collateral is called a Bond. To avoid this, Solana throws in something interesting. [Main problems tackled]: Solving the agreement on time by using Proof of History. Solana plans to utilize Horizontal Scaling in the event of a large partition. PoH aims to solve one the trickiest problems in distributed networks, consensus on time. Nodes simply cannot trust an external source of time.