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An Internet with Encrypted, Decentralized Architecture, Incentivized on the Blockchain Orchid is building a new, surveillance-free layer on top of the internet.

The project will also hold a large stake in the tokens raised in order to incentivize the development team to maintain the network in the most efficient way possible. The Company started raising seed capital since March 2017 and has so far raised $4.7 M in the form of SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens). Collectively, the team has extensive expertise in security, networking, blockchain, and open-source software. It rewards people who provide nodes in the network for sharing their resources and bandwidth in a peer-to-peer transaction using OCT tokens. The token will allow those nodes to stake themselves as part of NuCypher’s network.

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  • To prevent trivial entry into the market resulting in attacks.
  • To prevent attackers from choosing their location in the market.

Orchid will attempt to hide the traffic by providing software that can be used by the exit nodes on the network.

They see the growing surveillance and censorship in oppressive countries as more reason for privacy on the internet. Orchid Protocol’s OCT token is ERC20-compatible and builds on existing protocols using a semi-anonymous token and encryption to provide secure unidentified access to the internet. That is why they have created their platform which is essentially a token-based bandwidth exchange that is designed to protect the privacy of internet users around the world. In return, they will receive Orchid tokens paid to them by the bandwidth consumers. The Orchid protocol is an open-source network intended to end internet surveillance and censorship, while protecting users’ personal data from being harvested by ISPs or other entities.

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The bandwidth price will be agreed upon between buyers and sellers and settled on the Orchid market.

The appeal of Orchid Protocol is obvious and should be widespread, as internet privacy is one of the most discussed issues anywhere. Orchid Labs was founded in 2017 by Stephen Bell, Brian J. About Orchid Labs Inc. Orchid Labs Inc. is an open-source project committed to ending surveillance and censorship on the internet. Those verified peers create the Orchid market and can, therefore, use their OCT tokens to either buy or sell bandwidth. Founding Team and Leadership The Orchid founders, an established group of technologists, entrepreneurs, and blockchain experts, have been working in stealth since early 2017 to bring the technology to life.

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Those that seem the anonymized internet access can pay for using tokens.

That is why we have created ALE – the platform to implement project management decentralized services, with a blockchain as a central element in it. The website does not offer practically any specific features regarding Orchid Protocol, but the potential benefits are clear. The drive behind the Orchid project is take on the excessive powers of both the state and the companies that have undue tracking power. The Internet was originally an open platform where people could freely learn and communicate. According to Freedom House, two-thirds of all internet users live in countries where censorship and surveillance limit their ability to access information and communicate.

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Yet, with the Orchid technology the only way that a country could block the system would be to shut down the internet.

Orchid has not yet released a white paper so one cannot say for certainty what the technology will contain. Orchid allows users to create nodes that rent out bandwidth and provide anonymized internet access to those that require it. Users that want to access surveillance-free internet pay the bandwidth contributors in Orchid tokens in a free-market ecosystem. Orchid Labs is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Cryptolingo sees huge potential in Orchid Protocol and what they are trying to achieve as an investment, but more importantly on a humanitarian level.

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Token: OCT, an ERC-20 utility token built on the ETH Blockchain.

To learn more about Orchid Labs, read their whitepaper, or sign up for more information, visit For instance, as Stream’s market capitalization rises, it will emit new tokens and split them up between existing token holders and creators. Orchid Protocol was founded by five people. The Company establishes a peer-to-peer tokenized bandwidth exchange, using an overlaying Network built upon the Internet itself. Users that want to access an uncensored & unrestricted Internet (bandwidth consumers) access pay the bandwidth contributors in Orchid tokens through a peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange.