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Emotiq is a powerful, decentralized blockchain with Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus and natural language smart contracts.

Oracles can be defined as trusted data sources that feed information into the smart contract. Emotiq is built on OmniLedger – a distributed ledger that provides horizontal scalability and VISA® and Mastercard®-level throughput, at thousands of transactions per second. Assuming Emotiq uses the same UTXO model in OmniLedger, a Byzantine Shard Atomic Commit Protocol called Atomix enables cross shard transactions. Company APIs interacting with Emotiq’s Smart Contract capabilities is essential to bridging the decentralized and centralized systems gap. … 08:31 02 Jun Please visit our website: - for all the information, links, and details about Emotiq. Working full time at Emotiq.

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  • Potential for bounty and airdrops to reach a public audience

Due to this randomization, Emotiq will need to be able to process transactions atomically across shards.

Oracles Smart Contracts are executable programs that make a decision, yes or no. I would advise the team to have every team member build a robust profile. Also, Emotiq’s sale is only for accredited investors at this time. It could also develop strong developer networks in poaching Ethereum/Solidity smart contract developers to migrate or second source their base layer protocol on Emotiq. For this reason, many programmers I’ve chatted with will dismiss using natural languages and Lisp, there are simply other languages to use. Crypto: pairing-based crypto is now available Emotiq now has pairing-based cryptography (PBC) which relies on libraries by Boneh & Lynn (Stanford), and those developed internally.

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Before going into a deep dive into Emotiq’s anticipated features let’s take a look at the team and the token sale.

I’m not sure what the rocket scientist does for the team but that’s cool. Emotiq combines the latest in distributed systems research with an innovative approach to smart contracts, to address the unresolved challenges of blockchain scalability, privacy, and usability. Bulletproofs Emotiq will use non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs, otherwise known as Bulletproofs. Vladimir Lebedev, VP Engineering: resume reads of a serial entrepreneur focused on bringing his technical skillset to the team. For now it’s in private sale with no plans for a public Token Generation Event (TGE). CEO Joel Reymont brings up Paul Graham’s post Beating the Averages as a reason why Lisp is the primary language of choice for Emotiq.

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If I was to advise Emotiq I would suggest either a bounty program or an Airdrop to distribute tokens to a more public audience.

Emotiq will enable sharding built on top of OmniLedger. Not only will Emotiq run Ring based smart contracts, but Solidity programmers can develop on Emotiq as well since Ring’s Virtual Machine also processes Solidity. As a business person who happens to program in Python, I can appreciate Emotiq’s approach in bringing in non-programmers to embrace the smart contract world. This team is loaded with technical talent proficient primarily in developing applications in Common Lisp. In order for these Smart Contracts to make a decision they often require information from the outside world. My ICO rankings tend to favor projects with broader public distribution so unfortunately this project is going to suffer in one of my core metrics.

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Disclaimer: I participated in the Edenchain bounty program Programmers may not like natural languages There are more popular languages used in software development than Lisp.

Scaling through ledger pruning Blockchains such as Bitcoin burden nodes in the network by having them download the entire ledger. Natural language Emotiq will feature a language called Ring, built on Lisp. But at the same time, to increase enterprise adoption of blockchain it is necessary to work existing data lakes. Emotiq will be one of the first OmniLedger public deployments, along with another highly rated upcoming project – Harmony. Despite focusing on what appears to be an “old” computer programming language, it’s possible for the team to position adoption with the right initiatives in place. I can foresee a wysiwyg-like or HTML-like interface for non-technical audiences to build their very own smart contracts.

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Working full time indicates that the team is going to eat, sleep, and breathe the success of Emotiq.

While having a large number of software experiences is beneficial for, well, software development it also puts into question whether the team is in it for the long term. Edenchain is one example of a project that not only canceled pools (to avoid legal scrutiny), but also generated a highly successful viral campaign through its bounty program. I will obviously need to issue an update as I receive final details from the team. OmniLedger and Horizontal Sharding Emotiq will use horizontal scaling (similar to Zilliqa and Quarkchain) to enable higher throughput.